What we would say

•August 18, 2008 • 1 Comment

Hello, hi and bye bye,
See you tomorrow, I love you, please miss me,
That’s what I’ll say everyday,
Everyday seeing you, holding hands together,
If only you could see my heart grows and flowers,

Every minute I wonder about you,
How are you, how was your day,
That’s what I’ll say everyday,
Everyday when I meet you, eyes meet eyes,
Until I blush afraid that you’d finally read my thoughts,

Sometimes I smile alone in my room,
Remembering, I’m happy to see you,
That’s what you would say everyday,
Everyday when you see me, smiling shyly,
And how you have created our sugary memory,

Always I dream about you under the full moon,
I will always be with you, I love you,
That’s what you would say every time,
Every time I dream about you, enjoying the scenery view,
And how I’d wake up chuckling,

Often I’d hide from you,
Where are you? Baby, where are you?
That’s what you always say every time,
Every time you’re trying to find me, and caught me,
When I tried to not laugh happily,

And this time, without no doubt to you,
I would happily accept, I do, I love you,
That’s what I just told you,
When you show me the ring you bring,
And we kissed happily, not minding anything,
Forever you will be, my only honey.


Memorable quote

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“Place your hand on a fire and you’ll know how much I hate you that it burns! ha ha ha ha!” – Malilith

“Don’t give false hope to people. Because when they realise it, it will hurt them more.” – Ila

“If you want to scream, just scream. Or you can never scream anymore.” – Fye

“Don’t decide for other people.” – Aeriel

“You hurt people today, someone will hurt you the next day.” – Aeryl

“Weapons don’t kill. Human did.” – Ariscard

“To forgive is to let go. To revenge is to hurt yourself more.” – Abel

“If you risk something today, you’ll get greater tomorrow. But you might end up crying for it too. So make a wise decision in your life.” – Audiere

“The only way to die not feeling hurt is to die in your sleep.” – Cain

“Everything has it vice versa. But the evil has twins.” – Koushinku

“Money CAN buy love. Don’t believe it? OPEN YOUR EYES BIG and you will see.” – Jasmine

Ah~ I love them all!~ ^_^ And I miss them too… Anyway, Audiere!!!!!!!! xD I love you!!!!!!
I don’t know why I post this. Man, I guess I just miss them too much~

Winter’s week

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Shall I compare thee to the winter’s week?
Thou art more elegant and more angelic:
Harsh storms do shake the innocent leaves of December,
And frost’s loan cold all too brief for a tryst;
Sometimes too cool the shelter of Eden conceal,
And often is her ashen complexion faint’d;
And every fair from fair sometime decays,
By fate or nature’s changing course untamm’d;
But thy eternal winter shall not die,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st;
Nor shall Death boast thou wander’st in his gloom,
When in undying lines record past thou grow’st:

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.


Malilith and Ila stares at the blank ceiling, hand in hands. Ila has killed another poem again and he sees it. Kill one to revive another. Have one thing, let go another. Love something, hate another. But missed something, missed another. Because the one you have missed will never come back. Those cruel and unforgiving time will never let go.

And so long I wish he’d see,
How eternal winter remains unrest,
How winter could never match his glare,
The perfection of eyes one could never dream.
Cold hold his hands in the shades,
Death grabs but fails,
His beauty stay, immortalized in words,
And that memory live, restrained.

As long as the time won’t devour,
Those last affection attached,
There will be more of you,
And my unfulfilled wishes towards,
Will somehow stay afterwards.

My hatred and affection – Ludwig Kakumei

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Summer’s not alive, winter all alone
Your fingers are cold, your face pale emotionless
Where did you hid my amethyst box, my prince?

In that pandora box I keep all my feelings to you
My strings unattached but I’m still a living doll
Could you see that my hatred is actually an affection?
Oh, how I’ve lead you to a painful destruction

Don’t you show me any passion
Because I’m afraid that I’ll love you
Afraid if I’ll fall in love all over again
As much as I want to kill you, I want to love you
That’s why I’m always watching over you

Prince Ludwig, I love you!


I : This is poem based on Ludwig Kakumei series. It’s supposed to be written by Julius and it’s about how he feels about Ludwig.. xD

The cute one in the front is Prince Julius and at the back is Prince Ludwig

This one shows how much Julius actually hate Ludwig and how Ludwig reacted… haha!~ I find it cute that Julius try to hide his hatred so much. xD And how he hide the fact that he loves Ludwig too.. xDDDDD

A scene where Julius kissed Ludwig when he thought that Ludwig is dead. Actually Ludwig is still alive.. ^^ Later on, Ludwig feel disappointed when he knew that Julius is a boy. lolxD

AN : Fu fu fu. Why do I think this one is cute? Probably because this is sooo Julius.. xD HehexD He’s so kawaii!!!!!~ I LOVE HIM!~ XD AND LUDWIG!~ XD WILHEIM TOO!~ XDDDDDDD <— Otaku?

My dear master

•April 26, 2008 • 2 Comments

Where is it your demanding love…?
I have missed it…
I know it’s forbidden to ask too much,
but I can’t get away from crying,
silently though…
no one will hear me…

*silently the curtain falls and the light goes to another…*

You could never hear my cries,
as you would only make me smile,
I love you as the day passed,
but what I see is broken tears in your eyes,
what have happened…?
did I hurt you, my master…?

but still, I’ll pretend like I know nothing,
because I’m just a doll…
I can’t show you emotions…

The other day you were singing,
you said,
life is like ferris wheel and merry-go-round,
you have fun and it’s exciting but still,
you are scared if you ever lose you place and fall to the ground…

to my master…

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It’s not like I have betrayed you,
for I will never do nor even think about it,
and still I could not dream of you,
I wonder why, did my love fade?
or did your wrath grows?
did I trespass someone’s love?
should I run now?
the song you made doesn’t sound like you,
but I still am trapped with your sadness,
deep inside you know why,
but still, you never answer,
give me some dream,
I have missed you, my master,
more than Miss Alice could ever missed her love,
and my heart hurts,
as I can’t feel the snow anymore,
why should it be at this time?
and I was running with the melody of darkness,
yesterday, just yesterday,
I wonder why couldn’t I feel you anymore?
please sing to me, my master,
I need your voice to breathe,
and to lie there like a doll,
waiting for you to come and hold me,
and grow cold waiting…

Pathetically in pain of losing you

•April 5, 2008 • 3 Comments

You know what I wanted to say when I run to you that night did you…?
You just don’t want to hear it, pretend like you never notice anything…
Because you know it will hurt you more when you are leaving this world…
If I told you how I feel… but I just really want to tell you that… I loved you…

Tears just won’t get any better, the bitterness of losing you driving me lifeless…
I missed your voice too much to love or hear someone else’s voice…
And when the lights fade in my room, I sat there quietly, crying for you…
And wished that no one will ever heard me, because cries are weaknesses…

How could you turn away before you hear me say… anything…
I understand but I just wished that I could never…
Because if I didn’t at least I won’t have to know that you are doing the same too…
Hiding your tears from me, I heard you crying at the hospital bed after I leave your room…
I was crying too, infront of your locked door ward…

You always know that there are not much time left… for us…
But your fake smiles hides nothing… I can see it right through your eyes…
I want to hold you but you said, “Don’t touch me, I’m ugly”
You know you’re not, you’re just sick… but still you are deathly afraid that if I hold you close…
I’d feel your bones, you are dying and that is just so heartbreaking…

I’ve fall ill everytime I wrote down your name on a paper…
Or just plainly sick on the head, but still covering everything by a soft smile…

You always know… that I loved you… didn’t you…?
I am afraid of losing you, eventhough we know that…
We count your remaining life, crying madly at the calender when it’s near…
And new year is just like a reminder, time will never mercy you and me…
And I just couldn’t believe that you left me earlier than I thought you would…

I didn’t even get the chance to see your cold face…
As the last time I saw you, you were smiling, asking me to get you sweets…
Eventhough I noticed that you are too pale, and too weak…
You look so fragile yet you still remain there, beautifully…
You said you were disgusting and you doesn’t smell right but…
Everyone knows that it can’t be helped as you spend your life almost everyday in the hospital…

You’d stop me from listening to such a sad song but you always turn on the music so loud…
When you feel like crying, so that no one hears you too…
And when we both sings… far from each other…
In cutting voice, to the melody of sadness, as the tears won’t stop falling…
We seek no help, because we know that we are helplessly failing ourselves…
You died, I almost malfunction that day…

I’ll love you endlessly, I’d cry for you…
Even if that means, I’ll be home alone, holding your imaginary body…
As I tremble and fall, laughing at my stupidity…
I fear for my life now if not my sanity…

And sometimes I go numb, unable to think or react to anything…

Still, I missed you when you were looking at me, playing with my fixed gaze to you…
And when you would laugh at me when I make some mistakes clumsily…
And for that night where you tried to hold me but retreated…
As your heart aches to the falling sands on my hand, and to the winds that blow smoothly against our face…