to my master…

It’s not like I have betrayed you,
for I will never do nor even think about it,
and still I could not dream of you,
I wonder why, did my love fade?
or did your wrath grows?
did I trespass someone’s love?
should I run now?
the song you made doesn’t sound like you,
but I still am trapped with your sadness,
deep inside you know why,
but still, you never answer,
give me some dream,
I have missed you, my master,
more than Miss Alice could ever missed her love,
and my heart hurts,
as I can’t feel the snow anymore,
why should it be at this time?
and I was running with the melody of darkness,
yesterday, just yesterday,
I wonder why couldn’t I feel you anymore?
please sing to me, my master,
I need your voice to breathe,
and to lie there like a doll,
waiting for you to come and hold me,
and grow cold waiting…


~ by Malilith Ila on April 25, 2008.

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