My hatred and affection – Ludwig Kakumei

Summer’s not alive, winter all alone
Your fingers are cold, your face pale emotionless
Where did you hid my amethyst box, my prince?

In that pandora box I keep all my feelings to you
My strings unattached but I’m still a living doll
Could you see that my hatred is actually an affection?
Oh, how I’ve lead you to a painful destruction

Don’t you show me any passion
Because I’m afraid that I’ll love you
Afraid if I’ll fall in love all over again
As much as I want to kill you, I want to love you
That’s why I’m always watching over you

Prince Ludwig, I love you!


I : This is poem based on Ludwig Kakumei series. It’s supposed to be written by Julius and it’s about how he feels about Ludwig.. xD

The cute one in the front is Prince Julius and at the back is Prince Ludwig

This one shows how much Julius actually hate Ludwig and how Ludwig reacted… haha!~ I find it cute that Julius try to hide his hatred so much. xD And how he hide the fact that he loves Ludwig too.. xDDDDD

A scene where Julius kissed Ludwig when he thought that Ludwig is dead. Actually Ludwig is still alive.. ^^ Later on, Ludwig feel disappointed when he knew that Julius is a boy. lolxD

AN : Fu fu fu. Why do I think this one is cute? Probably because this is sooo Julius.. xD HehexD He’s so kawaii!!!!!~ I LOVE HIM!~ XD AND LUDWIG!~ XD WILHEIM TOO!~ XDDDDDDD <— Otaku?


~ by Malilith Ila on August 8, 2008.

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