Memorable quote

“Place your hand on a fire and you’ll know how much I hate you that it burns! ha ha ha ha!” – Malilith

“Don’t give false hope to people. Because when they realise it, it will hurt them more.” – Ila

“If you want to scream, just scream. Or you can never scream anymore.” – Fye

“Don’t decide for other people.” – Aeriel

“You hurt people today, someone will hurt you the next day.” – Aeryl

“Weapons don’t kill. Human did.” – Ariscard

“To forgive is to let go. To revenge is to hurt yourself more.” – Abel

“If you risk something today, you’ll get greater tomorrow. But you might end up crying for it too. So make a wise decision in your life.” – Audiere

“The only way to die not feeling hurt is to die in your sleep.” – Cain

“Everything has it vice versa. But the evil has twins.” – Koushinku

“Money CAN buy love. Don’t believe it? OPEN YOUR EYES BIG and you will see.” – Jasmine

Ah~ I love them all!~ ^_^ And I miss them too… Anyway, Audiere!!!!!!!! xD I love you!!!!!!
I don’t know why I post this. Man, I guess I just miss them too much~


~ by Malilith Ila on August 17, 2008.

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